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More misinformation from the powers that won't let us be !

ISRA PVF Press Release:
Proposed Cook County Gun Control Ordinance a Case Study in Politically Motivated Deceit

CHICAGO, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released today by the ISRA Political Victory Fund (ISRA-PVF):

The ISRA-PVF is labeling a proposed Cook County gun control ordinance a, "deceitful exercise in election year politics." Introduced by County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, the ordinance would force federally licensed gun shops in Cook County to adhere to a new set of restrictions that would make conducting business impossible.

"Commissioner Suffredin is making gun control the centerpiece of his campaign for Cook County State's Attorney," said ISRA-PVF spokesman, Richard Pearson. "His deceitful justification for advancing his gun shop ordinance demonstrates that his campaign is rotten to the core."

"Suffredin claims that federally licensed firearm dealers in Cook County are illegally supplying criminals with weapons," continued Pearson. "If that were true, one would have expected to see federal authorities shut these shops down and arrest their owners. Well, none of the shops targeted by Suffredin have been shut down by the feds and their owners have not been arrested. The reason for no arrests or shutdowns is that Suffredin's allegations are nothing but lies."

"By focusing on the non-issue of gun shops, Suffredin is conveniently ignoring the factor that has the greatest impact on violent crime rates," commented Pearson. "According to the Chicago Police Department, 88% of murderers and 76% of murder victims have previous criminal records. A reasonable person would likely ask why criminals are so likely to be either a perpetrator or a victim in a murder case. The answer is quite simple - the justice system is either unwilling or unable to rehabilitate these dangerous people. Federally-licensed gun shops are not the problem, the revolving door justice system is clearly at fault."

"Suffredin's long standing hatred of guns and the people who own them has clouded his ability to address the issues important to the citizens of Cook County," said Pearson. "Thus, he is unqualified to serve as the State's Attorney for Cook County. The ISRA-PVF will work vigorously against Suffredin's candidacy this election season."

The ISRA-PVF is a political action committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. A copy of our report is available for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

This press release is posted on USNewswire. (external link)

Posted Mon Dec 3 12:38:52 CST 2007

Suffredin Unveils Ordinance to Reign [sic] in Gun Shops

Chuck's Gun Shop on List of Shops Affected by Legislation
CHICAGO, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Citing the senseless loss of liferesulting from random gun violence, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredintook a giant step today toward reducing the number of handguns on the streetsof Chicago and Cook County by introducing an ordinance that would restrict thelocation where gun shops in suburban Cook County can operate.

"I am tired of business as usual. I am tired of picking up the paper orturning on the news to see reports about innocent children gunned down in coldblood, because some gang member bought a gun at their local gun shop,"Suffredin said. "For nearly thirty years, I have fought for sensible gunlaws. Whether it was against the NRA or legislative leaders, I fought to passlaws to keep guns off our streets."

"The documentation is clear that Chuck's Gun Shop and similar stores insuburban Cook County are the source of guns that are used in violent crimethroughout Cook County," Suffredin said. "As a home rule unit, Cook Countyhas the legal right to regulate where these establishments are allowed tooperate. Chuck's Gun Shop is within one mile of a school which will not beallowed once this ordinance passes."

A 2004 study by the group, Americans for Gun Safety, reported that, basedon statistics provided by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,between 1996 and 2000, 2,370 guns sold at Chuck's Gun Shop had been used in acrime, one of which resulted in the death of a Chicago Police Officer. OtherCook County gun shops were cited in the report as being peddlers ofcrime-linked firearms including, Suburban Sporting Goods, in Melrose Park.

Suffredin was joined at the press conference by Rev. Michael Pfleger,pastor of St. Sabina's Parish, Jennifer Bishop of the Brady Campaign AgainstGun Violence, Barbara McKee, President of the Illinois Million Mom March,Annette Holt, Ronald Holt, Gloria Padron, Serita Villareal, and Steve Young,all relatives of gun victims, Garrett Evans, Virginia Tech shooting survivor,and Jamie Barnett and Jason Daniels, of UCAN's Visible Man Project.

"Finding a way to stop the flow of guns is critical to reducing the tragicloss of life in our communities," Bishop said. "How many children have to diebefore our leaders take the steps necessary to get guns off our streets?Commissioner Suffredin's ordinance is long overdue."

The proposed ordinance would amend the Cook County Deadly Weapons DealerControl Ordinance and would:

-- Remove the exemptions for municipalities, like Riverdale, that passed less restrictive ordinances in order to avoid the provisions of the existing Weapons Ordinance;
-- Extend the restriction on gun shops within one mile of a school or park to all municipalities within Cook County.
-- Increase the distance required between licensed weapons dealers from five to ten miles.
-- Ban gun shows completely in Cook County.
SOURCE Commissioner Larry SuffredinLarry Suffredin, +1-312-603-6383

Suffredin's press release is posted here.

Posted Mon Dec 3 12:36:21 CST 2007

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Jesse playing on peoples emotions and misdirecting the facts as usual!
Outrage Of The Week! Jesse Jackson Exploiting Tragedy
Friday, December 07, 2007

This week's outrage concerns anti-gun opportunist Jesse Jackson, who exploited the tragic death of Washington Redskins star, Sean Taylor, using the occasion of Taylor's funeral as a platform for one of his now-typical gun-banning rants.  

All of us can agree that Sean Taylor's death was as senseless as it was tragic.  Cut down in his prime, we're left to wonder what greatness the future may have held for this gifted athlete.  His murder has left family, friends, teammates and fans shocked and heartbroken.  And while more information is coming to light, this case is not closed. 

Taylor's funeral was an opportunity to grieve his untimely death and celebrate his life.  It should not have been a catalyst and opportunity for Jackson to pontificate on his politically motivated anti-gun, election-year agenda.   

Not willing to lay the blame for crime on criminals, Jackson launched into a rambling, somewhat incoherent diatribe on the evils of firearms, using "weeds and flowers," "football," and  "house-on-fire-with-gun-violence" analogies to try and make his point.  Some of Jackson's ramblings at the funeral included: 

"None of us are safe, including champions, in our own house."  "We've accepted violence as the norm."  "Some people think more guns makes us safer."  "We make semiautomatic weapons legal again."  "We can buy unlimited numbers of guns."  "The street terrorist and the foreign terrorist are more armed than the police."  "We make the most guns and bombs and we shoot and drop them.  We believe in them."  "We put our faith in false security, guns."  "Sean's killers neither made nor manufactured guns, but they were easily accessible to them."  "One day it's Columbine…another it's Virginia Tech...now Sean Taylor"  "…we need soldiers to put out this fire…"  "…to put an end to the false premise that more guns make us safer." 

Aside from being inaccurate or just plain false, Jackson's statements were inappropriate and out of place.  His politically expedient rant did nothing to dispel his well-deserved reputation as a dogmatic gun ban crusader who possesses a knack for showing up any time news cameras or a microphone are present to promote his latest pet cause. 

To view Jackson's speech in its entirety, please click here:  http://video.nbc6.net/player/?id=191360.
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